Friday, 7 December 2018

Unfinished Story #4 part 1

I don the red suit ’cause that’s the way it is.

I’m looking for a fight, to freshen up, to kick ass to the three months of nothing – mining negrolite for credits on that godforsaken planet and here I am on Station Electra, no plans for what’s next.

I stare at the mirror, tighten the suit. It’s beautiful, pathetic. Wonderfully idiotic.

Captain Flycatcher,” I mumble.

Pulling on the dark red boots, I smile at my reflection.

A young face, thirty years of age; stubble and flushed cheeks.

I stand and the fake leather squeaks with my joints. My lanky figure accentuates the haplessness. A blonde fringe waving to his left and my right; blue eyes, the perfect victim.

Captain Flycatcher,” I repeat.

And I stride to the door.

Whoosh, it sounds, shunting upwards.

Stepping out into the corridor, I make my way to the bar while the videoscreens scream at me. This room, that room. Injections for pleasure. Rides to Gzynthem. Casinos that value the customer and opportunities in a life of trade.

Turning left along a series of flashing oblongs, I measure my pace, ignoring it all.

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