English Slacker (2011)

A tale of small town teenage life in the mid-nineties. Just before the summer holidays Colin disappears. His best friend Chambers is desperate to find out why but unable to come to terms with the devastating truth. Surrounded by the distractions of drink, drugs and girls he soon finds himself in a downward spiral that puts him in danger of not only losing his mind but questioning his own existence.

University Stories (2014)

Living in halls of residence with fun filled days of adventure and new experience - gone are the overprotective parents; this is where life begins. Bradley is in the middle of his first year at university and everything seems to be going rather well. Sure, there's the depression, loneliness and feeling that everything's in danger of not turning out quite like he was expecting - but Bradley's determination to adjust is beginning to pay off. In fact he has changed so much that his parents barely recognise him when he returns home for Easter. And then there's Clarissa, his "serious" girlfriend who may just be pushing things along a little too quickly. Is Bradley trying to grow up too fast? Is he ready for the world of adulthood or has he bitten off more than he can chew? A unique fly on the wall snapshot of an eighteen year old student's bizarre and often confusing world.

Phase-Daze-Phase-Daze-Phase (2014)

An alternative take on the classic hard-boiled novel. On the way home from a date, twenty-six year old Aidan Brown is beaten up by a gang of teenage hoodlums. Discharged from hospital with a few bruises, a battered face, and plenty of bad memories, Aidan arrives home to find an anonymously delivered purple box containing his stolen things. Who is the mysterious friend looking out for him? And how will he ever recover from the ordeal he’s been put through without attaining the revenge he begins to crave so deeply? Ignoring advice to let it go, Aidan soon finds himself involved in an adventure that could transpire to be far more dangerous than he realises.