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Now and then I find a really good unpublished short story on the net. Here are a few jewels hidden in the wasteland.

Strange Reunion by T. E. Taylor

A sci-fi short.

Monsters by John Griffin 

Read it.

Stop Me If You've Heard This One by Paul. D. Brazil

Pulp, noir.

Welcome to Chicago, Asshole by Sean Leonard

The title suggests enough. Get reading.

Samsa In Love by Haruki Murakami

Ok, so this is hardly by an unknown author, but it is still yet to be published in any sort of collection. Murakami’s latest work is a short story starring the protagonist of Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

Four Night Stand by Tom Ward

Winner of the Norman Mailer Student Writing Award 2012

Probably the best story I've come across. The protagonist works in a guitar shop. There's a regular customer, an old man with stories of his life as a guitar playing legend. And then there's the mythical "white falcon" guitar that very few have been lucky enough to even set eyes upon.

from by [the-eyrea]

Short sci-fi story set on Mars.

On the Button by Rachel Carter

Another science fiction piece. This time about schools and childcare of the future.

Cold Calling by Rebecca E Brown

Excellent comedy about those phone calls we love to hate. Delightful twist at the end.

Shopping Basket Romance by David D Sharp

The awkward conversation is nothing short of charming as this man and woman struggle to arrange a date.

Dipping Bears in Honey by [No Holds Barred] 

Political satire. Very clever.

The Price of Ugly by W. J. Howard

Ok, I'm not into fantasy but I had to include one story in this genre. Wicked twist at the end.

Eulogy by Tom Gillespie

Short but very powerful piece about a guy's relationship with his father.

Bus Stop by Rebecca Emin

Short flash fiction set at a bus stop. A quick read (300 words) but satisfying and stays in your mind.

Beggar My Neighbour by [Whiffytidings]

A historical piece set in Victorian London. Well researched and wonderfully atmospheric.

Also see and writing career for some upcoming anthologies.

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