Monday, 10 March 2014

Story 27 - Frisbee

Played Frisbee this afternoon. I’ve often see all these people playing it outside the library on Wednesdays. Never realised before today that it was an actual proper Frisbee club. They join up every Wednesday afternoon and throw the Frisbee at each other, then go for a drink afterwards at this pub in Falmer village. Sometimes they even go away for weekend trips too. Devon or somewhere like that where they camp and throw the Frisbee.

I’m taking the piss a little, but that’s not to say I don’t appreciate how friendly they all were when I wandered in amongst the group. All I needed to do was sort of mope around nearby when the Frisbee suddenly came flying towards me. I caught it and then it was simply a matter of throwing it to someone else to be included in the game. Didn’t think too much about who I was throwing it to. There were a couple of fit girls and I considered aiming it towards one of them more often than not but the whole concept seemed a little silly and Neanderthal so in the end I didn’t. Plus I generally felt a little shy too. Voiced a few, “Ah, missed it,” sounds but finally the only person I ended up talking to at all was the leader (who’s name was Nigel – all confident and sporty looking; a total Mr Popular amongst the Frisbee gang). He asked what year I was in, what I was studying and if I wanted to join them in going to the Lion Inn pub in Falmer; but I declined ’cause I’m up for a proper getting-wasted-and-going-to-the- union evening.

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